Kearsarge Energy New England Portfolio

In partnership with Kearsarge Energy, NT Solar financed over $23 million in solar tax credit investments for a portfolio of four installations located across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The combined 19.4 MW DC of installations showcase innovative technology and land use designs, including brownfield redevelopment, utilization of land on a capped landfill, and incorporation of battery storage for grid resiliency and optimal energy management. The installations will produce enough energy

Lodestar Energy Northeast Portfolio

NT Solar financed $12.8 million solar tax credits with a portfolio developed by Lodestar Energy consisting of seven ground-mounted solar installations in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, many of which are located in Opportunity Zones with local municipality and community subscriber offtake. The combined 30.4 MW DC of installations will generate an estimated 35 million kilowatt hours annually, creating the same amount of power as burning 27 million pounds of coal.

Silicon Ranch Corporation – Georgia Installation

In partnership with the Silicon Ranch Corporation, a recognized solar industry leader, NT Solar financed over $74 million solar tax credits for a landmark solar installation spanning nearly 600 acres in Calhoun County, Georgia. This project showcases an approach to design, construction, and operations that co-locates renewable energy production with regenerative agriculture practices. This 114 MW DC installation will generate an estimated 210 million kilowatt hours annually, enough energy to power 17,000 homes.